School of Engineering

Allison Yaguchi

Chemical and life science engineering
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Allison Yaguchi, a chemical and life science engineering major, originally came to VCU to study medicine. She caught the research bug during the winter of her freshman year when she worked in her professor’s research lab. Allison then pursued her own project the following year. This eye-opening experience sparked her passion for engineering and led her to switch tracks from medicine to pursue research.

Allison serves as the president of Engineers Without Borders at VCU. Through this organization, she traveled to Bolivia to study water filtration and supply for native populations. On its trip, the EWB team advanced its international water project to help a

community of roughly 3,000 people living in an area previously served by only six wells, which often run dry from May to October. Allison and her VCU teammates built a water distribution and sanitation system that will afford this community access to potable water year-round.

When she is back in Virginia, Allison and other members of EWB practice their techniques and sample collection at local lakes to ensure their work done overseas runs smoothly. Through these unique experiences, VCU has given her the research opportunities and the global perspective she needs to make a real impact on the world.